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Securing Your WordPress Website

security lockWebsite security isn’t a light matter.  There are hackers, bots, malware, buggy scripts, and other things to defend your hard work against.  Just recently I discovered how one out of date WordPress plug-in can easily put you on high alert.  

The first lesson I learned was the value of a great hosting provider, I use SiteGround to host all the sites I administer.  I’ve tried several providers before using SiteGround.  I was sold on their extremely speedy shared hosting plans.  In this situation they pulled one of my accounts offline while it was under attack, this saved the site.  They were easy to work with and quick to respond to my requests, even providing me a list of the evil files that had gotten uploaded in various places on the site.  I could have paid for them to clean up the mess, but I enjoy learning while tackling such a challenge.

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