eduClipper – Social Educating

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 2.13.06 PM How much do you love using Pinterest for educational clips and tips? Well, welcome to the educational version of clip and share technology! eduClipper is a free web tool focused on helping students and teachers find, build, and share valid learning experiences in a K-12 safe education social platform.

eduClipper is a platform designed specifically for teachers and students that allows your students to find, collect, build, and share web content quickly. While content is set to share publicly by default to encourage the sharing of these great gems, you can chose to set your content to private.  Read more

Hapara – Teacher Dashboard

Cloud based tools like Google Apps, Office 365, and iCloud have exploded in popularity and accessibility.  Everyone is reaching to be your one-all-be-all online document storage and productivity suite.  We live in a world where we can write and edit the very same essay paper on a smart phone, tablet, or any internet connected computer very easily.  In addition we can share that paper with someone who can help us refine it, in fact we can edit the paper at the very same time.  Collaboration has never been this accessible.  In education we want to encourage real world applications of collaboration and teamwork.  Many have worried collaboration can be used for cheating. How can Hapara help?

Teacher DashboardTeacher Dashboard Read more

Augmented Reality Will Facinate Your Students

One of the most impressive demos we witnessed from an educator this week was about augmented reality. A definition will not explain the concept adequately. You must see it to understand it. Imagine that your students are sent home with a traditional worksheet. They initially have trouble understanding the concept or requirements of the work sheet. Then the student uses his or her iPad, opens a special app and points the camera at the worksheet. Suddenly the blank paper worksheet is transformed to a video of his teacher describing and annotating that exact work sheet. When looking through the iPads screen it really looks like the annotations are happening right on your personal worksheet.

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Technology Coaches

Technology Coaches

This was a session where teachers and technology coaches collaborated to find best practices for teaching and sharing technology.
Here are a few key points I found helpful and hope to implement if we haven’t already:

*Encourage the teachers to have the the students assist them in technology. Learn together. It’s important for the students to be a part of developing the use and integrating of technology.

*It’s ok to teach the same thing over and over, we all learn at different speeds and a refresher is always beneficial for everyone. We might remember or learn a few new tips and tricks along the way. Our kids all learn at different speeds, and so do we.

*Train the administration on the use of technology. Read more

Gamification and/or Badgification classroom Framework.

You might have heard about this concept before.  Or maybe you’re like me and had not heard about it.  Either way its worth your time to consider the possibilities such systems could bring to your teaching environment.  Most students are very familiar with reward, achievement, and badge systems inside of modern games.  Building your classroom around such systems can be an exciting way to engage and self motivate more students.
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