Technology Coaches

Technology Coaches

This was a session where teachers and technology coaches collaborated to find best practices for teaching and sharing technology.
Here are a few key points I found helpful and hope to implement if we haven’t already:

*Encourage the teachers to have the the students assist them in technology. Learn together. It’s important for the students to be a part of developing the use and integrating of technology.

*It’s ok to teach the same thing over and over, we all learn at different speeds and a refresher is always beneficial for everyone. We might remember or learn a few new tips and tricks along the way. Our kids all learn at different speeds, and so do we.

*Train the administration on the use of technology. Read more

Gamification and/or Badgification classroom Framework.

You might have heard about this concept before.  Or maybe you’re like me and had not heard about it.  Either way its worth your time to consider the possibilities such systems could bring to your teaching environment.  Most students are very familiar with reward, achievement, and badge systems inside of modern games.  Building your classroom around such systems can be an exciting way to engage and self motivate more students.
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