Gamified Classroom Quizzes

How do you jazz up a classroom assessment?  If your students have internet connected devices, you can make your assessment into a game using Quizizz.  It’s simple to create and run the quizzes.  There are many flexible options including a homework option in which students can complete the quiz anytime before a deadline set by the teacher.  The slide presentation embedded below covers the details.  Be sure to look at slide 13 which shows you the rich reports from a quiz complete with grades.

Game-Based Student Response

One of the free tools we learned about at the MACE Conference from Glenn Wiebe is Kahoot.  It is modeled after popular restaurant trivia games and allows teachers to create an exciting quiz that students will enjoy.  All the answers are logged and available in a spreadsheet after the quiz or game is played.  Quiz creation is extremely simple and teachers can also borrow others quizzes for use inside their classrooms.  Below is a great overview video about Kahoot.